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Description Key Features Colour & Material Delivery
  • 30% polyester / 70% PVC
  • Fabric weight 430 gsm
  • Fabric width 300cm
  • Fabric openness 1% and 3%
  • Lighting and glare control
  • Flame retardant BS 5867 part 2 Type B
  • Child safe EN13120
  • Wipe clean
  • White,
  • Beige,
  • Grey,
  • Steel,
  • Grey black,
  • Brown
  • Black

Here at Yacht mats, we understand the needs of our clients, and that delivering
your order to your location in paramount.

Once your are ready to order your yacht or boat mats, we can determine the expected delivery date, and then
can work through your location at that time, to ensure that your order is delivered to you at your port of
choice, or forwarding agent depending on your location.

We deliver to all destinations worldwide, and all our deliveries are made through a secure courier
service, so that you will be able to track your order at any point, and see the progress of your
order in transit, with live updates, 24 hours a day.

Deliveries to Europe usually take between 2 – 3 days from despatch of your order, and deliveries to
the rest of the world can be 5 – 7 working days from despatch.

Screen Fabrics

Screen fabrics are a very effective way to gently filter light entering the yacht window to reduce glare without blocking it completely. Screen fabrics are manufactured with a specific openness that effectively and evenly controls the amount of light that enters the building. At yacht mats we offer the two most popular specifications 3% screen and 1% screen.

Screen fabrics are often used in office environments where sun glare on computer screens can become a problem, a screen roller blind will reduce the light enough to create a comfortable working and viewing environment without darkening the room to much, the most popular choice tends to be the 3% specification however in extreme glare the 1% can offer just a little more protection if required.

On a yacht, screen fabric will offer the same advantages – for viewing TV etc. but also provide privacy from the outside world without plunging the room into darkness.

Wide Range of Screen Fabrics for Boats

Within the range we offer 7 popular colours: White, Beige, Grey, Steel, Grey black, Brown and black.

All the fabrics are flame retardant BS 5867 part 2 Type B and as the woven polyester structure is coated with PVC are very durable and wipe clean, the uniform plain colours are very well suited to modern living interior design and help to create an open airy modern feel to the room whilst improving privacy.

As standard all our blinds are supplied with manual side winders, however these are the very same as used for commercial contracts so are of a much higher quality than standard domestic. The difference is immediately noticeable with the smooth running chain via the double spring mechanism. We’re sure you’ll be very happy with this solution however if you needed something more then please ask our sales team about full automation.

Either way all the yacht blinds we manufacture are compliant with all child health and safety legislation EN13120

Minimum order 1 blind

Worldwide delivery on this product

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Our print process

  • We receive an enquiry and discuss the best solution

  • We then provide a competitive quote via email

  • Once agreed, we provide an accurate design proof

  • The proof is confirmed and the product is put into production

  • Once complete, the product is inspected and quality approved

  • The product is then wrapped, packed and processed for delivery