At Yacht Mats we are proud of our manufacturing heritage and frequently use the term “Made in Manchester” and to that end we have evolved from simply offering bespoke boat mats and have developed our product range to those we offer today.

We have an enthusiastic team within sales and manufacturing who regularly participate in our new product development program – NPD for short to develop new products frequently at the request of our customers, so if you need a variant of what you see on our site why not ask our team to consider it within the NPD program.

Some developments may take a while however slight tweaks can often be very straight forward, considerations we have before committing new ideas to our NPD program are as follows:

  1. Is the product a one off or is there an ongoing need for it
  2. However if it is a one off order is there sufficient volume to recover the development costs
  3. Is it technically viable and if so will it be commercially viable
  4. And finally do we have the right skills and equipment to do the job well

If new product requests pass this quick and easy sense check then we schedule the work to be done, somethings are fast, new cushion sizes or a new roller blind fabric even different types of matting however somethings are more complex by their nature and so take longer. However before we start we’ll give you our best and most honest guess on times scales so you can decide if this works for you, although as with all development sometimes it runs smoothly, but sometimes not which is always worth taking into account…

We hope our standard products will meet your needs but if not just let us know – we love a challenge … Honest 🙂

Let us know, call the team and we’ll take it from there +44 (0) 161 335 9542